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The single most important factor is the strength of people!

Are Employees Your Most Valuable Resource?

Business leaders who follow this philosophy understand the linkage between "engaged employees" and a successful company.

They understand "New Engagement" is more than simply showing up on time and doing their jobs. "It's an employee who interacts with the company, who brings new ideas about how to do the work, who's willing to train or mentor and be an advocate for the company."    .. Tom Miller, The Miller Company

"Every company looks for that ’something extra’ that will motivate employees to invest themselves in what the organization pursues. This ’engagement’ of employees is a combination of functional and emotional commitment. The ultimate result of engagement is a workforce committed to achieving real results that can be measured in metrics of financial return, employee turnover and productivity."    .. Mark Schumann, Towers Perrin.

Employees are a key link in value creation. Successful companies leverage employees and know how to raise the bar to get sustainable results. The success of any company rests on the abilities, efforts and performance of their workforce.

Competitive pressures in the marketplace, changing dynamics, downsizing, restructuring, wage freezes and other challenges in these difficult economic times can negatively impact employee morale and performance. How can you maintain and improve the performance of your employees to meet today's challenges? How can you raise morale and engagement?

In today's economy, employee engagement is a low cost investment that will lead to bottom line results. Happier, loyal, more productive employees can help an organization outperform the competition and reduce costs associated with turnover, lost-time accidents and absenteeism. Now is the time to optimize employee performance to compete in these times of economic restructuring, and excel in the marketplace.

DBC Marketing can help you achieve this.

Research and case studies have proven that companies with strong employee engagement programs, policies and strategies in place, will outperform companies that lack similar programs by as much as 30-35% (see Facts and Benefits tab). A large majority of companies fail to utilize programs that maximize employee engagement as a strategy to "optimize performance". In many cases, they don't realize or understand the value of connecting emotionally to employees and the significant benefits they can enjoy.

Would it help your organization to encourage and inspire employee performance?

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